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Workstation Setup

  • Commercial & Residential Equipment Setup

    • From box to tabletop.

    • From power on to first time use. ​

    • Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Printers, Smart TVs, etc.​​


  • Startup Repair / System Restore

  • Software Installation

  • System Image - Clean Install / Data Backup (if possible)

  • Replace / Upgrade Hardware

    • To be discussed with Technician.​

  • The Lead Technician is willing to offer temporary "subcontracted" assistance on larger IT projects so long as the requests fall within our capabilities. 

    • Workstation Setup

    • Imaging 

    • Troubleshooting

    • Cabling

      • Dependent on project specifications. ​​

Certain requests MAY NOT be honored due to the nature of the request and potential liabilities involved:

- We do NOT honor requests that involve soldering components on the motherboard (Charging / USB Ports, Ethernet, Audio). We will however suggest a motherboard replacement as long as the manufacturer or other third party vendor still provides for that device.

- Employer Supplied Equipment: We are willing to work on employer supplied devices so long as the employer has provided a written agreement for the work order and understands the nature of the requests being handled. We will NOT operate unless we have the necessary assurances to do so. 


About Us

DeskTek is a Computer Repair & IT Subcontracting Service in Colorado Springs, CO!

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